The Keyword Game: A Quick Way to Review

This game is a great way to get students to recognize new words or phonics sounds. It’s perfect as a quick warm-up or as a closing game to eat up those extra 10 minutes.

What you’ll need: flashcards of whatever vocabulary or letters you’re teaching, 1 eraser or pencil for every 2 students, and students (duh!)

Step 1: It’s important that students know the words they’re going to play with, so make sure you teach them first.

Step 2: Place a pencil or eraser in front of each 2 students (they can do this themselves too with their own pencils/erasers). Place one in front of yourself so you can demonstrate.

Step 3: Hold up your “secret” word. Say different words (preferably other vocabulary words they know). Then, say the “secret” word and grab the eraser/pencil as quickly as you can. The idea is that when the “secret” word is said, the students need to try to grab the pencil/eraser. The first student to get it wins.

Step 4: Do a practice round with the same word. The kids will catch on quickly if they haven’t already at this point.

Step 5: Play several more rounds, but switch up your “secret” word so that students can learn to recognize different and new vocabulary.



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