Fruit Basket: “I like___” and “I don’t like___” (and “I’m wearing___.”)

OK… So you’re teaching “I like______.” “I don’t like____.” and “What food do you like?” –> “I like____.” and the kids are bored with repetition drills. To be honest, you are too. Well, try shaking things up with this game!

What you’ll need: more than 4 students and a chair for each student

Step 1: Preteach the necessary vocabulary. Students should know a handful of foods (such as: hamburger, salad, spaghetti, pizza, fries, apples, bananas, peaches, etc. – you can even throw in some Japanese foods like soba, natto, and ramen for good measure). They should also know the following sentence patterns: “I like___.” and “I don’t like___.”

Step 2: Once students are able to make short sentences with different foods, have them make a circle with their chairs.

Step 3: Stand in the middle of the circle and say “I like____.” Show students with gestures, or explain to them, that if they like the food you named, they have to switch spots with someone else. If they’re left standing, they have to make their own sentence.

Step 4: Play a practice round. Say “I like____.” and try to grab a chair before another student. To encourage the student in the middle, ask: “What food do you like?” and have them answer using “I like____.” The students who like that food must switch spots.

Step 5: Play as many rounds as you’d like! Preferably until each student has had a turn. Once each student has spoken, try using the negative form (“I don’t like____.”) so that students can practice that too!

**Important note: This game can also be played with clothes and the sentence structures: “I’m wearing____.” and “I’m not wearing____.” For this version of the game, every student that is wearing the item named must switch spots. For the negative, if they are NOT wearing what the student said, they must switch spots.**


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