Prepositions Game: Get Those Kids Moving!

This game is a fun way to reinforce prepositions, something that tends to be particularly difficult for Japanese students because prepositions are structured very differently in their language. Try this out and see how much fun they can have with this difficult concept!

What you’ll need: chairs, desks, whiteboard/blackboard, a ball, and other items you can find in a classroom.

Step 1: teach prepositions to your students. Start with on, in, under, and by. There’s no use overwhelming them with too many prepositions at once.

Step 2: Teach students a basic sentence patterns using prepositions (for example: “There’s a__________ on/in/under/by the________.”). If your students can read, write the sentence pattern on the board. It’s a good way to help them along at first.

Step 3: PRACTICE THE SENTENCE PATTERN BEFORE THE GAME!!! This is very important. Give your students examples (put a pen on your head an have them say: “The pen is on the teacher.”; Put a book in a bag and have them say: “The book is in the bag.”; Etc.). Then, try to have them generate their own examples with items all around them.

Step 4: It’s game time! Have students stand up. You will say a variety of different sentences and all of the students will have to act them out. For example, you could say: “The student is under the chair.” Students would have to scramble to get under their chairs as quickly as possible. Point out students who are doing well and make sure to correct those who aren’t getting it. You may even want to act out the first few sentences with them.

Here are some sentence ideas that could be fun to have students act out:

– The student is on/under the desk.

– The student is by the blackboard/whiteboard.

– The student is by the door.

– The pen is on the student.

– The bag is under the student.

– The ball is by/on/under the student.

– The book is on the table.

– The book/pen is in the desk.



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